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Trademarks and trade names are used by every business to distinguish their goods and services from others.  The Firm assists clients in obtaining and maintaining registered trademarks, in Israel and worldwide, including conducting all necessary trademark searches, filing applications, preparing and filing necessary affidavits and renewal applications, defending opposition proceedings and handling all other matters that may arise before the Israel Trademark Office.

Another aspect of our trademark practice involves due diligence studies for clients acquiring or selling trademark portfolios.  We help our clients exploit their existing trademark rights through licensing.  Because licensing has become a very lucrative way for companies to expand their brand identities, our experience in negotiating and drafting complex agreements has become increasingly important to our clients.

·         Filing and prosecution, including registration, licensing and transfer, and representation at the Israel Trademark Office for trademark clearance, foreign trademark registration and cancellation of trademark registrations.

·         Litigation in court, involving the enforcement of registered and non-registered trademarks, anti-counterfeiting and brand protection, including coordinating with law enforcement authorities, Israeli customs authorities, police and other government agencies to facilitate the seizure and destruction of counterfeit goods.

·         Litigation before the Israeli Trademarks Office, including oppositions to trademark applications, revocation and rival application proceedings.

·         Litigation involving right of publicity issues.

·         Litigation and registration relating to origin and geographical indications.