Intellectual Property

What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual Property serves as a legal tool created by the law made up of patents, registered designs, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. Some of the leading corporations in the world are Intellectual Property based businesses such as, Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

What is the purpose of Intellectual Property?

Intellectual Property, allows for businesses, entrepreneurs, and private individuals to transform their ideas and accumulated knowledge in accordance with the provisions of the law. In doing so, assets that are protected can be utilized in different ways including sales, transfers and licensing.           

Why choose us for your Intellectual Property needs?

At Naomi Assia & Co Law Offices and Patent Attorneys, the experienced legal team works closely with the client in order to develop comprehensive strategies and solutions for all matters regarding Intellectual Property. The team offers services in 2 main categories:


We offer a diverse variety of services in 2 main categories:


  1. Intellectual Property- Transformation of Knowledge:


  • Professionals legally assist clients in order to transform unprotected knowledge into Intellectual Property such as:  registration and documentation of patents, designs, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.


  1. Intellectual Property - Protection and Management:


  • Professionals offer services such as, litigation, portfolio strategy and management, representation in arbitrations, as well as, assistance in selling, purchasing, transferring, and licensing all matters of Intellectual Property types.
  • The firm's US Patent attorneys file directly within the United States.