Computer & Internet Law

Computer Related Law

Internet Laws include copyright laws relating to software, patent laws relating to software and hardware, privacy and constitutional laws relating to the use of computers, tort laws relating to the damages of computes from other computers, and contract laws regarding the sale and licensing of computers and any of their components.

“Computer Law” by Naomi Assia:

Naomi Assia was the first author of a comprehensive book, “Computer Law”, covering all legal issues relating to computers.

Our Clients:

We are proud to assist our clients, banks, the national health organization, insurance companies, etc., with computer contracts and all other areas of data protection and privacy.

Our Services:

We provide legal assistance to companies and organizations in the following fields:

  1. Advising, management, and protection of personal information
  2. Drafting opinions
  3. Assisting with the formulation of rules, procedures, guidelines and policies for the management of databases.
  4. Advising on commercial agreements including privacy and data protection issues, global considerations, and trans-border information.
  5. Supporting our clients in regulatory procedures.

International Arena:

Our firm has plenty of International experience representing large scale hi-tech transactions including but not limited to: distribution agreements, joint venture agreements, localizations, OEMs, VARs and licensing