Developing, establishing and accompanying start-up companies

Unique Intellectual Property legal needs of a Start-Up Company

A Start-Up company is an enterprise that requires legal guidance in Intellectual Property law. A knowledge-based Start-Up is one that needs to protect its knowledge from the very start, using legal tools such as custom-made NDA agreements, legal assessments of patent registrations, and documentation of all knowledge created within it and more.

Why Choose Us to Develop A Start-Up?

At Naomi Assia & Co Law Firm and Patent Attorneys we assist in negotiating and drafting related agreements to Start-Up Companies such as stock and asset purchases, term sheets, bridge loans, warrants, executive employment, and incentive stock options.


In addition, we conduct a large number of due diligence reviews.


The Assia Family Start-Ups and Their Successes


David Assia, husband of Naomi, is one of Israel’s pioneers within the Hi-tech industry. In 1986, he co-founded Magic Software, an international software company with world class innovative development and integration platforms. It was the first Israeli Software Company to be listed on Nasdaq (MGIC) in 1991. David was a major investor in Aladdin Knowledge System, which eventually merged into Safenet and now Gemalto, as well as,, Walla Communications, Paradigm Geophysical, AOD Software and etc. Since 2007, David has been involved in multiple start-ups as chairman of and founder of