What is a Copyright?

A Copyright includes an exclusive right to perform in the work, or in a material part of it, actions such as: copying, publication, public performance, or broadcasting (Copyright Law, 5768-2007)  

What is Work?

The copyright law definition for Work includes the following: artistic work, dramatic work, literary work, sculpture creation, creating a photograph, cinematic work, and compilation of works.

What is the Purpose and Function of Copyrights?

Copyrights are a legal tool, allowing a creator of a work to enjoy it. Copyrights are not awarded to an idea owner, but once an idea is translated into a work included in the Copyright law, their owner will be awarded Copyrights that will automatically attach to it.

Why Choose us For Your Copyright Needs?

At Naomi Assia & Co. Law Offices and Patent Attorneys, our experienced and creative legal team has the skills and the professional tools to assist the client in all of the stages of Work as defined by the Copyright law. Our Legal team and supporting staff are equipped to cater to the different needs of many owners in a variety of industries such as software, digital media, online content, art work, architecture, and etc.


Our representatives participated in the formulation of the 2007 Copyright law.

Our services include:

  1. Anti-Piracy activity – filing warning letters against infringers.
  2.  Summation of copyright applications in the US Library of Congress.
  3. Drafting of Licensing and of sale agreements- for the licensing and sales of works or copyrights.
  4. Legal support and directions for the translation of ideas into Copyright protected works.