About the Firm

Naomi Assia Law Office  is one of the leading high tech and intellectual property law firms in Israel. Since its establishment in 1987, the firm has earned an international reputation for catering to the overall needs of traditional high-tech, biotech, start-up, and venture companies in a wide range of legal matters.

The Firm has handled a multitude of intellectual property matters, gaining unparalleled experience. We use our expertise to offer our clients a comprehensive analysis of their problems and objectives while finding innovative and cost-effective solutions. In this respect, we view ourselves in the same light as many of the companies who seek our advice - solution providers. In addition, we work with external professionals, such as foreign attorneys and local experts in various fields of law, to ensure we provide the best services for our clients’ needs, wherever they need them.

Our vision for the firm is to provide high quality legal services to our clients with a commitment to professionalism and excellence. 

The Firm’s expertise goes beyond the private sector to include working with the Chief Scientist of Israel, the Israel Commissioner of Privacy, the Israel Commissioner of Patents, Designs & Trademarks and drafting Israeli government contracts. Our attorneys and technical advisors apply their unique practical understanding of science and the law to the business needs of our clients. Through our devotion to personalized attention, we learn easily, respond quickly, and produce comprehensive results efficiently.