What is a Design?

 A design may be defined as a getup of a product or part of a product, consisting of one or more visual characteristics of the product or part of the product, as applicable, including a layout, color, shape, decoration, texture or material from which the design is made of (The Designs Law, 5771 – 2017).

 A Design may be registered within the state of Israel if:
 (1) it is "New and Unique"

 (2) if the design has been offered for sale publicly within six months of the determining date.


Following registration, a design is limited to a period of 25 years.

Definition of “New and Unique”

A design shall be deemed new if, prior to the record date, it was not published in public, in Israel, or outside of Israel. It will also be deemed new if it does not match any other designs details. A design is considered unique if it creates a different impression from any other design.

Both of these two ideas are required to register a design and are both specified in the design law.

The Purpose and Function of a Design

A design includes no functional characteristics, opposite of patents. Furthermore, the Design law encourages esthetic creativity for industrialized goods by rewarding its creators, unlike artistic creativity encouraging creators through the copyright law.

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