What is a Trademark?

A Trademark is, "A mark used or intended to be used by a person for the goods he manufactures or trades in" (The Trade Marks Ordinance [New Version], 5732-1972).

What is a Registered Trademark?

A Registered trade mark is a trade mark registered in the Registrar of Trademarks under the provisions of the Israeli Ordinance and is a national trade mark or an international trade mark registered within the state of Israel (The Trade Marks Ordinance [New Version], 5732-1972).

What is the Purpose and Function of Trademarks?

Trademarks and trade names are an essential component in the branding and marketing of goods and services. It allows for the clear differentiation and recognition by the public of these different sources provided by manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers.  

Why Choose us for Your Trademark Needs?

At Naomi Assia & Co Law Offices and Patent Attorneys, our experienced legal team works closely with our clients in obtaining, maintaining, protecting and registering trademarks, within, as well as outside of Israel. We serve clients with portfolios of all sizes- from multinationals with thousands of trademarks to private people with one trademark.

Our services include:

  1. Trademark Searches - all necessary searches to secure availability.
  2. Trademark Applications – preparation, filing, and support of requests for at the Trademark Office.
  3. Trademark Renewal - Preparation and filling applications for renewal.
  4. Due diligence – Conduct of surveys and studies, for clients acquiring or selling trademark portfolios. 
  5. Licensing - Advising, negotiating and drafting of licensing agreements for trademarks.
  6. Trademark office Litigation - Litigation before the Israeli Trademarks Office, including oppositions to trademark applications, revocation and rival application proceedings.
  7. Court Litigation- regarding registered and non-registered trademarks
  8.  Anti-counterfeiting and brand protection activities– coordinating with law enforcement for the facilitation of seizure and destruction of counterfeit goods.
  9. Right of publicity – Advise and litigation involving right of publicity issues.
  10. Origin and geographical indications- registration and litigation.
  11. Worldwide services- catering to the client's trademark needs worldwide.

      Our office is proud to be the manager of the Design and Trade mark form in the Lawguide web site:סימני-מסחר-שמות-מתחם-ומותגים/